30% ruling calculator

30% ruling calculator

Calculate the advantage of your Netherlands 30% tax ruling

Here you can either calculate what the annual advantage is of your 30% ruling, or check if you are eligible for the 30% ruling. If you still have to apply for the Netherlands 30% tax ruling, you can fill in your monthly salary excluding the 30% ruling and your annual benefits such as your holiday allowance, 13th month incentive scheme or the fiscal value of other fixed remuneration items such as a company car. The 30% calculator will show if you are eligible for the 30% ruling. If so, we are happy to apply for you.

You can find the general conditions of the Netherlands 30% tax ruling and more information here. There you can read all about the general conditions such as the minimum salary requirement, but also about all the exceptions to the rules.

Some guidance for using the 30% ruling calculator

You can only place input in the white cells. The other cells are protected. If the 30% ruling calculator does not work, please wait a bit longer for it to fully load. The top cells with the years should be in blue before it works properly. If it still does not work, try to open it with a different browser or a different device. You can also download it (click on the full screen icon in the bottom left corner of the Excel window and then download it for your own use). The Netherlands 30% tax ruling calculator is copyrighted. Please link to this website if you want other people to also use it.

The cells that require input are:

  • Your monthly gross salary before applying the 30% ruling;
  • Your annual holiday allowance;
  • Your annual 13th month incentive payment (if any);
  • Any other fixed elements of your remuneration, such as the fiscal value of your car.

If you are under 30 years of age and hold a Master’s degree that is comparable to at least a Dutch University Master’s degree, you can choose “Yes” in one of the dropdown menu’s. For you, a lower minimum salary requirement applies.

If you are checking if you meet the minimum salary condition for making an application, please complete the information in the column of the year of the start of your employment.

This 30% ruling calculator has not been designed for scientific research personnel or medical specialists in training. To them, no minimum salary requirement exists. If you are a scientific researcher or a medical specialist in training who wants to calculate the annual benefit of the 30% ruling, please contact us so we can apply for you and calculate your annual advantage.

The annual advantage calculated by the Netherlands 30% tax ruling calculator only calculates the tax advantage on your salary and does not take into account any personal deductions or (for Americans) working days that are not taxable in the Netherlands. Also it does not calculate the advantage you may have because you can choose to be treated as a non-resident tax payer. This option leads to a tax exemption on your savings and investments. Read here if you want more knowledge about the specific rules of the 30% ruling.