Reclaim Foreign Dividend Tax

Reclaim foreign dividend tax

If you receive a dividend because you own shares in a foreign company, it is possible that too much dividend tax is being withheld. This is also possible if you receive interest or royalty income from abroad. You can reclaim foreign dividend tax with the foreign tax authorities by filing a request. This is a hard and time consuming process with which we are happy to help you at low prices.

We will take the entire procedure out of your hands for only 7% of the reclaimable amount, with a minimum fee of € 70,-, excluding postal fees and VAT. Please contact for this.

We can do this for the following countries:

– Belarus
– Belgium
– Canada
– China
– Denmark
– France
– Germany
– Greece
– Israël
– Italy
– Japan
– Latvia
– Luxembourg
– Netherlands
– South Africa
– Spain
– Switzerland
– Ukraine
– United Kingdom
– Zambia

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Reclaim foreign dividend tax in Dutch

If you want information and help in Dutch, please find it here.